天津 – 三宝

Tianjin is a second-tier city and one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government in China. It is not only an international port and economic center in northern China, but also famous for its profound historical and cultural heritage. This project is one of many bilateral projects invested and developed by the private sector in China and New Zealand. Commissioned by a group of Singaporean entrepreneurs, the proposal involves the adaptive reuse of three historic buildings, including the Old City Hall, the British Concession and the Chinese Siheyuan, which are located in the Da’an Central Business District. The existing exterior walls of these three landmark buildings will be meticulously restored to enhance the authenticity of the building’s history, while the interior spaces will be transformed and transformed to accommodate high-end retail stores, restaurants and living facilities. The “new” building will retain the charm and memory of its past, but at the same time celebrate the modernity of its function. The details of the interior space show its long history and rich Chinese culture. In fact, the design has successfully established a tangible connection between the heritage of the building and the contemporary needs of its new functions.