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AR43 Architects Pte Ltd is a leading architecture firm in Singapore, specialising in hospitality projects and many more. When it comes to designing spaces for hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, the AR43 architects understand the significance of hospitality in architecture and design. As such, the team strives to deliver exceptional experiences and unforgettable first impressions through their hospitality projects in not just Singapore, but globally.


Hospitality is more than just a sector in the tourism industry. It plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of society and the economy by fulfilling the basic needs of accommodation, food, and entertainment. Considering that hospitality services are heavily influenced by guest experiences; good hospitality architecture and design should be adhered to in order to meet the needs and utilitarian expectations of guests.

A welcoming environment

Guests should feel comfortable and attended to in any hospitality venue. Besides the helpful services provided by the hospitality staff, the space itself should engage the senses and stimulate positive emotional responses in guests. This can be achieved through visually appealing interior design, functional public spaces, and intuitive layouts.

Recreational opportunities

Without a well-planned architectural design, guests would not be able to participate in recreational activities, such as working out in the gym, swimming, playing games, socialising, and relaxing in general. All these activities are made accessible due to the integration of recreational spaces in hospitality architecture. These public spaces should also be carefully designed to accommodate different user groups like children, adults, seniors, and the physically impaired.

Interaction with nature

It is no secret that hospitality and nature are intertwined. Nature provides a healing escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and has been medically found to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation. Good hospitality architecture and design in Singapore can offer guests the opportunity to facilitate their well-being by reconnecting with nature, despite being in a concrete jungle. Natural light, greenery views, and outdoor areas are just some of the design factors that hospitality projects can incorporate to embrace nature in their architecture.

Brand identity

Guests are not the only ones benefiting from hospitality architecture and design but also the business itself. Architecture is one of the most effective ways a business can leverage to communicate the brand’s identity and reach out to its intended audience. For example, a luxury hotel can convey a sense of exclusivity and sophistication by featuring grand architecture and opulent decor.
AR43 Architects prides ourselves on being a responsible hospitality architecture firm in Singapore, recognising and prioritising the physical, emotional, and social aspects of architecture. This is particularly evident through our hospitality projects, such as Deyinah Island in Abu Dhabi and a hotel development in Jakarta. For the latter, our team made sure to include private balconies in all guest rooms and apartments to provide a place of respite while reflecting the electricity of the city.

Headed by founder Lim Cheng Kooi, the team at AR43 Architects has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in the architectural industry. As such, we have the knowledge and expertise to construct hospitality projects that meet both functionality and aesthetics.
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