Residential Architecture Firm in Singapore

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd consists of a team of residential housing architects in Singapore who have worked on a plethora of residential projects ranging from landed housing to good class bungalows to even seaside house designs. The landed housing architects work with the given budget and challenge themselves to experiment with architectural interpretations to strike a perfect balance between nature and the built environment.

AR43's Philosophy

The firm believes that understanding architecture's physical and emotional reconstructive nature is crucial in design. The residential architectural firm adopts a sustainable approach and embraces each site's surroundings to craft innovative strategies which work harmoniously with the natural elements. The works reflect simplicity and take advantage of basic compositional and geometric elements to reinvent techniques and give rise to exceptional designs. The house design architects have produced a range of works that embrace the natural environment, from the good class bungalows by the seaside to landed housing with unique site features.

Many decisions come with designing your home, including choosing a residential architect. Choosing the right architect is essential as you will spend a lot of time communicating to bring your dream home to life. Depending on your vision, budget and personal style, here are some considerations you should make in choosing your architect.

Understanding your needs

When building your home, you need to understand what your needs are. Different residential homes have different requirements depending on location, the occupants and even personal preferences. For example, are you someone who wants to come home to a sanctuary that you can retreat to? Or do you enjoy having guests and need a space to entertain them? Determining your needs and what features you want will help you find your architect.

Browse the architect's past works

Browsing the architecture firm's past works can give you a better perception of their specialisation and style. Researching these projects lets you see if the aesthetic style of the residential designers align with yours. At AR43, we adopt a sustainable approach and constantly challenge ourselves to bring fresh and exciting ideas that meet your style and needs.

Research the specialisation

Architecture involves a wide range of building types, from residential to commercial. Most architects have a specialisation in which they are most experienced. Some may specialise in commercial architecture, and others may specialise in residential architecture. Look for an architect with experience in residential architecture design to help you build your custom home. Finding the right designers can help you achieve your vision and get you the dream home you want. AR43 architects have done several award-winning residential projects over the years.

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With years of experience and wisdom, AR43 architects have attained various awards for their residential plans. The landed housing designs in Singapore, such as the Tembusu House, Paterson 3, and Forested House, have received prestigious awards for their innovative designs. Our passionate designers can help you materialise your dream home today.