The field of architecture and the arts often interlace with one another. Lim Cheng Kooi, apart from being an architect, has long been immersing himself in painting, pottery and sculpting. A self-taught painter, the practise of the arts allows him to distress and allows his mind to explore evermore creatively without any constraints born out of pragmatism.

Lim has been freely experimenting with various forms of artistic expression and ever since he gained recognition from his participation in the Shell Discovery Art Exhibitions in the years 1994 & 1996, his works have been exhibited in several private galleries and collections. Under the invitation by Singapore Artist, Mr Thomas Yeo, Lim’s works were featured in the publication “Young Contemporary Artists in Singapore”, underscoring his passions for the arts.

Since 2003, Lim has been part of a group of figure drawing enthusiasts who gather at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) every Monday evening, after work, to draw with a life model. Lim opined that despite the hectic work schedule, even if it was just a short period of time, many of the participants like him do enjoy it.

Ebony + Ivory, a first solo exhibition was held at The Arts House in October 2008. The twenty-odd works in the exhibition embodied this joyful spirit. The exhibition raised funds for two charities that Lim supports, through the sale of the works. One charity helps needy students in NorthBrooks Secondary School in Yishun, which focuses on the artistically inclined. The other charity is a home for disabled children, Karuna Home in Mysore, India, which Lim helped to build some years ago. Here, we can see the strong synergy that can be fostered between the two fields; the art and architecture, benefiting the community and the socio-environment at large.