Commercial Architecture and Interior Design Firm in Singapore

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd are a team of architects in Singapore with the wisdom and experience to bring innovative architecture and interior design solutions for your commercial projects. The firm believes in exploring creative solutions and good understanding of the environment and needs of both the client and the users will create a bespoke individual project.

Commercial Architecture focuses mainly on creating a building that spans various uses– such as hospitals and retail centres– which can help elevate the brand and make it more enticing for customers. The architects and interior designers have been trained to design spaces effectively in order to foster interconnection and inspire innovation. As commercial buildings are part of several sectors, each building will have varying architectural specifications. Commercial architecture is an expansive term that extends to a multitude of buildings, from small pop-up shops to vast mixed-use shopping complexes; no single design can or should be the same as anything else. The architects and interior designers would have to work with infrastructure, construction and interior design planning. As a result, they have to be great at communication and management to ensure the entire process runs smoothly to keep within the client's budgets and timelines.
Commercial architecture is often seen in contrast to residential architecture. Commercial buildings are notably more extensive and have to cater for the specific company, business or institution they are built for. Meanwhile, residential architecture focuses on the needs of the family. Additionally, the sole purpose of a commercial building design is to house a service, purpose or product. Architects have to consider the purpose of the building and take into account all the requirements.
In commercial architecture, there are many aspects to consider, from the structure's design to choosing suitable contractors to find the right interior designers. The different stakeholders have to work together well to meet your timeline and budget. Here are some critical considerations in choosing the right company for you.

Knowing the needs of your commercial space

Understanding the functional requirements and sustainable values that come with your commercial space is imperative in bringing your vision to life. This would allow you to communicate better with the architects and understand the project's complexities.

The design of commercial spaces

Good architectural design can define the purpose of a commercial building, combining the functionality of the space with aesthetic elements. Commercial spaces cater to different businesses, and the architectural & interior design should meet the needs of said businesses. Commercial buildings include shopping centres, business offices and hospitals, which have vastly different needs and aesthetics. AR43 is a design firm in Singapore that believes architecture has an emotional and physical reconstructive potential that should be considered in the design of the respective companies.

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