House of Greens: A Nature-Lover’s Paradise In Singapore

House of Greens: A Nature-Lover’s Paradise In Singapore

It is often said that how you design your home, both inside and out, is a reflection of your personality. Thus, if you are an avid nature lover, you’d naturally want to surround your abode with all manners of greenery and bring that sense of oneness with the outdoors right outside your window.

The House of Greens checks all those boxes with its abundance of natural elements and plentiful space to accommodate gardening and landscaping. In this article, we briefly go over this lush dwelling east of Singapore and explore its notable features.


1. Superb views, uncompromised privacy

Given the plot’s elongated length, orientation, and close proximity to the neighbours on both sides, the architecture company in Singapore designed the home to have a superb view of the rising and setting sun while being shielded from its harsh heat during the afternoons.

Superb views, uncompromised privacy

We achieved this by using large windows that open the interior to the outside along the land’s long axis and walls with minimal openings at the sides to keep prying eyes at bay.

optimised natural wind flow into the site

This design choice also brings other benefits, such as optimised natural wind flow into the site and improved passive interior cooling and ventilation thanks to the large openings.


2. A garden at every turn

The most impressive part of the House of Greens is undoubtedly the numerous gardens laden throughout the plot, starting with the verdant landscaping of varying shapes and heights flanking the paths leading towards the front door. As they make their way to the home, visitors will be met with a tiered pond that serves as a magnificent sensorial prelude to what awaits indoors. Also, this water feature cleverly uses the land’s slightly elevated topography along its northern boundary while meeting compliance requirements regarding flood prevention.

A garden at every turn

Multi-generational design

Upon reaching the house, which is essentially three concrete boxes placed linearly along the length of the plot, one can make their way into a double-volume living room in the middle block that protrudes outwards from the arrangement. This space provides a full view of the pond and lush greenery at the front of the house as well as the intimate patio and garden at the rear. Lastly, a rooftop garden at each end of the attic makes for the perfect space for morning workouts or enjoying the sunset.


3. Multi-generational design

Various sections of the House of Greens were designed with future-proofing in mind. For instance, the living room in the first storey opens to a guest room that the homeowners can use as their bedroom once they reach their golden years. There is also the entire floor of the second storey, which can be converted should the homeowner’s children have a family of their own and continue to live there – making the House of Greens a perfect multi-generational home.



The House of Greens is every nature lover’s dream home, with its thoughtful weaving of architecture and nature complemented by durable materials that can withstand Singapore’s climate for years to come. If you are one for comfortable tropical living, a place similar to this green oasis hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city may very well be what you are looking for.

To achieve a home design that best reflects your personality and accommodates your lifestyle, talk to the professionals who know it best, like residential architects in Singapore. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to make your dream home more than just a vision and turn it into reality.