DFA Design for Asia Awards Recognises The Perforated House

DFA Design for Asia Awards Recognises The Perforated House

The Perforated House, located on the Northern side of Singapore, is one of AR43 Architects Pte Ltd’s award-winning architectural projects. After being nominated for Building of the Year 2023 by ArchDaily, a Chile-based architectural platform, the Perforated House is once again internationally recognised for its innovative design, this time winning the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023 – Bronze Award.

Our founder, Lim Cheng Kooi, will be attending the award ceremony on 28 November 2023 in Hong Kong. Before the award ceremony takes place, let’s find out more about the Perforated House, the DFA Design for Asia Awards, and the significance behind the recognition.


About The Perforated House

Sitting on a 6500 ft² plot, the Perforated House was designed for a homeowner with a particular passion for socialising and playing musical instruments, so we have ensured that the house reflects his lifestyle.

From an open-concept living space perfect for mingling with loved ones to an acoustically designed music studio, intimate spaces can be found throughout the Perforated House, providing a suitable environment for the homeowner to spend his retirement days in comfort and solitude.

It can be easily seen with AR43’s projects that our team of residential architects in Singapore heavily prioritise greenery and the acknowledgement of the surrounding built environment, and the Perforated House is a good testament to that. Pockets of green spaces are purposefully incorporated throughout the house, including the rooftop, serving as a calming distraction while absorbing noise from the outside.


What Is The DFA Design for Asia Awards?

The DFA Design for Asia Awards is a prestigious and globally recognised design competition that celebrates and honours outstanding design achievements in the Asia-Pacific region. Introduced by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) in 2003,  this esteemed award program is a platform for designers, brands, and businesses to showcase their innovative and impactful design solutions.

The DFA Design for Asia Awards not only recognises creativity and excellence but also promotes the design’s role in driving positive change, sustainability, and cultural understanding in the dynamic and diverse landscape of Asia.


DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023 – Bronze Award

The judging panel of the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023 consists of well-established design industry experts and professionals, and assesses entries based on these factors: Creativity and Human Centric Innovation, Usability, Aesthetic, Sustainability, Impact in Asia, Commercial & Societal Success.

By receiving the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023 – Bronze Award, the Perforated House showcases architectural brilliance that’s committed to functionality and sustainability, and serves as a reminder that great design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about making a positive impact on our environment.



The Perforated House is more than just an architectural marvel; it’s a glimpse into the future of sustainable living and design by encouraging us to consider the impact of our built environment on the planet and how other architecture firms in Singapore can create structures that enhance our connection with the natural world.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement by the DFA Design for Asia Awards, we’re glad to prove that design can be a force for positive change in our ever-evolving world. The Perforated House is more than a house; it’s a symbol of what’s possible when creativity, innovation, and sustainability intersect on the canvas of architecture.