• Tips And Tricks Of Designing A Multi-Generational Home

    Multi-generational homes are increasingly becoming a trend and are highly recommended by residential architects in Singapore. In fact, based on a report by Channel NewsAsia in 2016, around 10% of all households in the country are comprised of homes made up of three or more generations under a single roof. There are actually numerous benefits […]

  • What Is Inclusive Design And What Are Its Principles

    Architects create designs for the human experience. From designing hospitals that welcome new life to civic centres where the elderly gathers and socialises, architecture firms in Singapore create structures that touch people in all stages of their life. And to fully support humans from beginning to end, they must fashion designs with diversity and inclusivity […]

  • 4 Projects That Display Good Natural Architectural Lighting

    Daylighting, more commonly referred to as natural lighting, is one of the most important aspects of architecture as it energises, enhances the materials, and establishes the mood of a space. Indoor environments illuminated by beautiful plays of light are unparalleled in creating an alluring ambience that evokes a lively feeling among its occupants. Thus, the […]

  • What Makes A Residential Architecture Design Timeless?

    There is no better example of timelessness than the homes and buildings we build. Timeless architecture, such as those made by renowned names like Peter Zumthor, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Tadao Ando, exudes a sense of eternity and a feeling of being right for their place now and forever. With that said, what makes these […]

  • Nominate The Perforated House For Building of the Year 2023

    As one of the most densely populated nations in the world, Singapore has a reputation for tightly packed homes that may not offer a great degree of privacy to homeowners. However, at AR43 Architects, we are determined to tackle this issue through the form of the Perforated House, situated on the Northern side of the […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Good Class Bungalows

    The term good class bungalow or GCB is unique to Singapore. In a country with limited land space, GCBs are the most prestigious form of landed property one can own. GCBs are reserved for the elite, with just over 2700 of them available. This article will cover all you need to know about GCBs.   […]

  • Advantages Of Hiring An Architect To Design Your Home

    Hiring an architecture company in Singapore may appear to be an additional cost to your project that may seem unimportant. While you may be working within a specific budget, hiring a builder or unqualified designer could expose yourself to the risks of having a badly constructed home and ending up with contractual disputes.  By hiring […]

  • The Role Of A Client In Architectural Design Explained

    One of the responsibilities of an architect is to meet the client’s needs and requirements within the stipulated budget. As such, the client is one of the most important people in the design process. Clients are responsible for the decision-making process for the project. Architects guide clients in the process, and clients ultimately decide on […]

  • Five Tips For Rebuilding Your Landed Property Home

    Landed property homes offer the least restrictions as compared to high density housing and they are mostly free-standing or more spacious forms of housing types in Singapore. The possibilities are infinite when it comes to rebuilding your landed property. Fewer restrictions and more flexibility come with a need to consider your choices to come to […]

  • Residential Architecture 101: Everything You Need To Know

    Residential architecture is a branch of architecture that deals with the design and construction of homes. It focuses on creating livable, safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. In Singapore, residential architecture design ranges from HDB flats to condominiums to landed property homes. Here is an overview of what residential architecture is.   Design Principles At […]

  • Uniquely Designed Perforated House Voted Best Project 2022

    Building a residential home is more than just ensuring a functional and practical place to live in– architecture is the intersection of beauty and function. As such, with every residential architecture design in Singapore, the architectural designers have to work closely with their clients to understand their sense of aesthetics, the nature of the home— […]

  • Architecture: The Intersection Of Beauty And Practicality

    Architecture is an art form that can be both beautiful and practical. Architects who understand how to blend beauty with practicality seamlessly create aesthetically pleasing and highly functional structures. This blog post will look at the importance of balancing beauty with practicality in architecture and tips for achieving this balance.   Aesthetics meets practicality For […]