Our Story

Founded in 2006, AR43 Architects Pte Ltd is an award winning design firm that has completed a wide range of works ranging commercial, hospitality, institutional, custom-designed residences to interior architecture projects around Asia. The firm is lead by founder Lim Cheng Kooi who has more than 25 years of experience in the field and many of his past works received awards especially recognition through publications in top architectural journals.

The hallmarks of AR43 design work lies in it acknowledging a responsibility to the built environment, understanding both the physical and emotional reconstructive potential of architecture. The firm’s works reflect simplicity in its use of basic compositional and geometric elements, specifically without any pretense or fixed style. Each design evolves around a synthesis of site and program, experimenting with a variety of architectural interpretations and ultimately builds within client’s ordinary budgets in extraordinary ways.

Our Team

The firm is organized as a collaborative group of diverse talents.  Our best designs occur when individuals come together, challenging each other for new exciting ideas, reinvent techniques and search for new expressions. Each project is a new platform to advance the overall practice, while achieving a very particular set of individual goals. In our firm, passionate young designers and architects work alongside the most experienced hands, blending wisdom with fresh inspiration.