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AR43 Architects Pte Ltd believes there is a responsibility in design and architecture to fulfil the client’s brief, all whilst respecting the site and environment. The architecture and interior design firm in Singapore explore inventive solutions to celebrate each site’s unique characteristics and develop award-winning designs. The works are stripped of any pretence or fixed style, and architects practise mindfulness in their design and material selection.

AR43 is a team of contemporary house design architects with works beyond residential, including commercial, hospitality and institutional. The creativity of the architects is challenged further with every project, building on the company’s wisdom and experience in the field.

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Tembusu House
The Tembusu House in Singapore embodies the philosophy of responsible design. Respecting the site’s natural elements, the architectural company created the house with openings and high ceilings to eliminate any partitions between the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing nature to assimilate into the home elegantly.

One Tree Hill House
As part of our responsible design philosophy, the One Tree Hill House is an environmentally friendly contemporary house design. The architects purposefully designed the house located in Singapore, utilising the site’s unique characteristics of a double frontage. The timber flooring and feature walls were completed with sustainably sourced American walnut, chosen for its attractive wood grain and rich colour.

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Victoria Park Villas
The Singapore architecture and interior design company practised mindfulness in their design for the Victoria Park Villas by emphasising privacy and exclusivity in their inward-looking house design. Leafy surroundings and lush landscape evokes a sense of tranquillity for the occupants. The vehicles within this enclave are hidden neatly behind the houses’ garden walls, with cascading plants.

Victoria Park Villas Sales Pavilion
To complement the tranquil enclave, Victoria Park Villas, the Victoria Park Villas Sales Pavilion is designed to allow for natural lumination. Mindful of architecture’s physical and emotional reconstructive potential, the design respects the surrounding trees and greenery to bring this elegant neighbourhood to life. Slender steel columns and a large roof create a light and luminous look.

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Frontier Canteen, NUS
Mindful of the space and nature, Frontier Canteen in NUS uses natural ventilation for its dining area. The open green spaces and the roof garden are designed to blend in harmoniously with the existing landscape. Architecture and design firms in Singapore often incorporate green spaces to match the idea of a “city in a garden”. This architectural design firm focuses on sustainability in this project, where green concrete– such as recycled concrete aggregates– and energy-efficient chiller plants are used to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Karuna Home, South India
Karuna Home accepts the young physically and/or mentally disabled from all walks of life, regardless of race and religion. The Home – specially named by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama– means welfare home with compassion and accepts patients with severe disabilities, some of whom have been turned away by other homes. The Singapore architecture firm designed this home for special needs in South India with a focus on practicality with lowest budget in mind whilst creating a tranquil environment by incorporating the views of the natural surroundings.

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